As part of the PhD programme curriculum, all students are required to complete a written dissertation report. The dissertation titles of our PhD graduates till-date are listed below.

(You can access the respective dissertation papers by clicking on the links below).



PhD in Business Dissertations

Specialisation in Finance

  1. Three Essays on Return Predictability and Asset Pricing, Fuwei Jiang, 2014
  2. Three Essays on Mutual Fund Ratings, Wee Seng Ng, 2013
  3. Three Essays on Corporate Finance, Yen Teik Lee, 2013

PhD in Economics Dissertations

  1. Essays on Transportation Cost, Pension Withdrawal and the Real Estate Market, Naqun Huang, 2017
  2. On Random Assignment Problems, Peng Liu, 2017
  3. On Refined and Robust Inferences for Spatial Regression Models, Shew Fan Liu, 2016
  4. Three Essays on Financial Econometrics, Liang Jiang, 2016
  5. Three Essays on Random Mechanism Design, Huaxia Zeng, 2016.
  6. Cyclical Public Policy and Financial Factors, Vishrut Rana Dhirendra, 2015
  7. Role and Impact of Energy in the Business Cycle, Bao Tan Huynh, 2015
  8. Essays on High-frequency Financial Data Analysis, Yingjie Dong, 2015
  9. Essays on High-frequency Financial Econometrics, Shouwei Liu, 2014
  10. Three Essays on Nonstationary Time Series Analysis, Ye Chen, 2014
  11. Three Essays on Bayesian Hypothesis Testing and Model Selection, Tao Zeng, 2013
  12. Three Essays on Large Panel Data Models with Cross-sectional Dependence, Yonghui Zhang, 2013
  13. Three Econometric Essays on Continuous Time Models, Xiaohu Wang, 2012

PhD in Psychology Dissertations

  1. When Pursuing Multiple Goals, People Prioritize Attaining Minimum Requirements Over Aspiration Levels, Huey Woon Lee, 2017
  2. The Differential Identity Activation and Integration Mechanism (DIAIM): A Model Linking Female Businesspersons' Identity Integration and Identity Activation on Negotiation Performance, Yi Wen Tan, 2017
  3. Term-efficacy Dispersion Pattern and Team Creativity, Michal Franc, 2017
  4. I Need to be in Control: Motivations to Compensate Personal Control Threat Hierarchy Endorsement among Individuals with Low versus High Relational Mobility, Lay See Ong, 2015
  5. Bioecological Exchange Theory: Trading Resources for Childcare in Mate Selection, Katherine Anne Valentine, 2015
  6. The (Un)Desirability of Happiness: Pathogen Threats Predict Differences in the Value of Happiness, Sharon Koh Li Hua, 2015

PhD in Information Systems Dissertations

  1. Modeling Adoption Dynamics in Social Networks, Minh Duc Luu, 2017
  2. Techniques for Identifying Mobile Platform Vulnerabilities and Detecting Policy-violating Applications, Mon Kywe Su, 2016
  3. User Behaviour Mining in Microblogging, Tuan Anh Hoang, 2016
  4. Towards Secure Online Distribution of Multimedia Codestream, Swee Won Lo, 2016
  5. Decision Modeling and Empirical Analysis of Mobile Financial Services, Jun Liu, 2016
  6. Personalised and Context-aware Music Retrieval and Recommendation, Zhiyong Cheng, 2016
  7. Profiling Social Media Users with Selective Self-disclosure Behaviour, Wei Gong, 2016
  8. Enabling Real-Time In-Situ Context-based Experimentation to Observe User Behaviour, Kartik Muralidaran, 2015
  9. Mining User Viewpoints in Online Discussions, Minghui Qiu, 2015
  10. Event Identification and Analysis on Twitter, Qiming Diao, 2015
  11. Multimodal Code Search, Shaowei Wang, 2015
  12. Data Preparation for Social Network Mining and Analysis, Yazhe Wang, 2014
  13. Online Social Network Based Information Disclosure Analysis, Yan Li, 2014
  14. Multi-cost and Upgradable Spatial Network Databases, Yimin Lin, 2014
  15. Ranking-based Approaches for Localizing Faults, Lucia, 2014
  16. Recommendation Support for Multi-attribute Databases, Jilian Zhang, 2014
  17. Security and Privacy in RFID-Enabled Supply Chains, Shaoying Cai, 2014
  18. Opinion Mining of Sociopolitical Comments from Social Media, Swapna Gottipati, 2014
  19. Virtualization-Based System Hardening Against Untrusted Kernels, Yueqiang Cheng, 2014
  20. Social Correlation in Latent Spaces for Complex Networks, Freddy Chua, 2014
  21. Pricing Strategy for Cloud Computing Services, Jianhui Huang, 2014
  22. Generic Instance-specific Automated Parameter Tuning Framework, Lindawati, 2014
  23. Dynamic Queue Management for Hospital Emergency Room Services, Kar Way Tan, 2014
  24. A Study of the Imitation, Collection and Usability Issues of Keystroke Biometrics, Chee Meng Tey, 2013
  25. Towards Secure and Usable Leakage-Resilient Password Entry, Qiang Yan, 2013
  26. Anomaly Detection on Social Data, Hanbo Dai, 2013
  27. Exploiting Human Factors in User Authentication, Payas Gupta, 2013
  28. Novel Techniques of Using Diversity in Software Security and Information Hiding, Jin Han, 2012
  29. Robust Execution Strategy for Scheduling Under Uncertainty, Na Fu, 2012
  30. Predictive Modeling for Navigating Social Media, Meiqun Hu, 2012
  31. The Valuation of User-Generated Content: A Structural, Stylistic and Semantic Analysis of Online Reviews, Noi Sian Koh, 2011