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SMU at a Glance

SMU at a Glance

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SMU PhD Student- Faculty Interaction

SMU PhD Student- Faculty Interaction

Watch this video to understand the special friendship shared between a SMU PhD student and her faculty advisor which inspires research collaboration.

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SMU PhD Careers and Graduate Placements

SMU PhD Careers and Graduate Placements

Watch this video to learn about the type of careers SMU PhD graduates have embarked on.

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Yee Heng Tan

Student of PhD in Business (Marketing)
Lee Kong Chian School of Business, SMU (Intake: Academic Year 2013)

The faculty and even the students are exceptionally brilliant and responsive people who will generously make time to discuss ideas. They (the faculty) set high expectations but provide the means, in terms of knowledge and capabilities, for you to meet them.

Lay See Ong

PhD in Psychology Graduate (Graduated in 2015; School of Social Sciences, SMU)

(SMU’s School of Social Sciences’) faculty members produce high-quality and impactful research, and several of them are leaders in their fields and enjoy international recognition. It is therefore not surprising that the Psychology programme attracts regular visits by international scholars.

Xiaohu Wang

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
Chinese University of Hong Kong, and PhD in Economics Graduate (Graduated in 2012; School of Economics, SMU)

I attended academic conferences both in Singapore and abroad. This provided me with precious opportunities to learn about latest developments in research. .....They (advisors) made me love what I was doing and helped me set out on a new academic journey.

Jin Han

PhD in Information Systems Graduate (Graduated in 2012; School of Information Systems, SMU)
Research Engineer, Twitter Inc. (USA)

The programme not only made me become an independent Information Systems (IS) security researcher with high-quality publications, but it also enriched me in many other ways like enhancing my English communication skills and broadening my knowledge base on other IS areas. These valuable experiences and skills finally helped me find a dream job in one of the top IT companies.