When to Apply?

SMU PhD Applications: When to Apply


All the PhD programmes are full-time. Most programmes accept only one intake per year, in August. The PhD in Information Systems accepts two intakes per year, in January and August.

The University’s application windows are listed below.

Intake Opening Date
for Application
Closing Date
for Application

August [all programmes]

1 August (of prior year)*

31 October (of prior year)*

1 November (of prior year)

31 January (of intake year)

January [only for the PhD in Information Systems]

1 January (of prior year)*

31 March (of prior year)*

1 April (of prior year)

30 June (of prior year)

*Candidates applying during these periods would be given priority for consideration of scholarships.

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How to apply?

SMU PhD Applications: How to Apply


All applications would have to be submitted online. In each of the programmes’ websites, you will find detailed instructions on the application procedure. If you have already created an account with SMU (that is, you are an ‘existing user’), you can simply login and put in your application. If you are a ‘new user’, you would have to ‘create an account’ before you can apply. Once you have applied online, you will have to submit your hard copies either through post or personally to the respective Programme Administrators.
With particular reference to the compulsory tests (GMAT or GRE / TOEFL or IELTS), you may first submit your online application without the respective test score(s). You should fax or email the unofficial score(s) as soon as possible while requesting for Education Testing Services (ETS) to send the official score(s) to the respective Programme Administrators.

The application links for the respective programmes are below.

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What happens after the PhD application is submitted?

In each of the Schools there will be a selection committee which will assess your full application package. A shortlisted candidate may be interviewed in one of these ways – face-to-face, or via telephone or web-conferencing.

Once the selection of candidates is made by the Schools, the admission offer letters will be sent to successful candidates. An estimated timeline of the application process is listed below.

Intake Month in which successful candidates could expect to receive the admission offer letters Period by which successful candidates would accept the admission offer letters
August [all programmes]

January (of intake year)1

Latest by mid-February (of intake year)1

March (of intake year)2

Latest by mid-April (of intake year)2

January [only for the PhD in Information Systems]

June (of prior year)3

Latest by mid-July (of prior year)3

August (of prior year)4

Latest by mid-September (of prior year)4

1 If the candidate applied between 1 August & 31 October (of prior year)
2 If the candidate applied between 1 November (of prior year) & 31 January (of intake year)
3 If the candidate applied between 1 February & 31 March (of prior year)
4 If the candidate applied between 1 April & 30 June (of prior year)

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